Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fan-art: Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice!

Hail and well met, yet again!
During my recent travels to and from Scotland, I spent a lot of my journey time listening to and greatly enjoying another D&D liveplay podcast: Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice!
I heartily recommend you give it a listen (especially if you enjoy D&D).
I've almost caught up with their latest episode and I've enjoyed it so much that I decided to draw some fan-art for it, featuring the adventure's 'heroes': Grianna the half-orc ranger, Phoebe the gnome warlock, Kai the Earth Genasi barbarian and Zil, the human wizard.
Unfortunately the house printer/scanner is away for repairs, so all I had at my disposal was my phone camera. This meant that I've coloured these particular drawings in digitally, but I think they look nice all the same.

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