Sunday, 5 March 2017

D&D: Sir Kholgrom (miniature)

Hail and well met and a great big HELLO!
I have returned from my adventures in the Netherlands as well as a first time visit to Scotland, specifically Aberdeen and Dundee. I spent a wonderful week with my mighty girlfriend and my interview for the PGDE Primary course I have applied for at the University of Aberdeen went well.
While I gradually readjust to my working/creative routine, here's a brave little fellow I purchased in Eindhoven and painted with Astrid. Behold, the mighty Sir Kholgrom, skeleton knight!
Slain during a senseless battle between two foolish kingdoms, Kholgrom was resurrected by his good friend, the dwarf cleric Dunwyn: however, the spell was only half-cast as Dunwyn was himself killed during the ritual. As a result, Kholgrom returned as an undead creature who, though fleshless, has lost none of his knightly charm and conviction. He roams the lands in search of adventure and fame!


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