Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fan-art: Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice!

Hail and well met, yet again!
During my recent travels to and from Scotland, I spent a lot of my journey time listening to and greatly enjoying another D&D liveplay podcast: Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice!
I heartily recommend you give it a listen (especially if you enjoy D&D).
I've almost caught up with their latest episode and I've enjoyed it so much that I decided to draw some fan-art for it, featuring the adventure's 'heroes': Grianna the half-orc ranger, Phoebe the gnome warlock, Kai the Earth Genasi barbarian and Zil, the human wizard.
Unfortunately the house printer/scanner is away for repairs, so all I had at my disposal was my phone camera. This meant that I've coloured these particular drawings in digitally, but I think they look nice all the same.

Friday, 10 March 2017

D&D: Professor Penflower

Hello again!
After starting a new mini-adventure with Astrid, featuring her human druid character Theodesia Mahoganea, I felt like coming up with another character for myself... again.
It should painfully obvious by now that one of the things I like most about Dungeons & Dragons, beyond playing it, is inventing new characters for myself.
Drawing on just how perfectly suited Theodesia is for Astrid (loves wild animals, slightly awkward around new people and her arcane focus is an actual succulent plant), I decided to make a character that really said something about me. Thus, Professor Penflower was born!
An eccentric forest gnome sorcerer and teacher, he is naive and somewhat reckless. He believes the gathering and sharing of knowledge to be of the utmost importance. He is always attempting to teach common (as well as basic magic and philosophy) to goblins, orcs and other monstrous creatures, and goes to any lengths to learn more about the more dangerous aspects of the universe. After summoning a demon in his office for study - and causing a lot of property damage - he was discredited and kicked out of the prestigious magic academy where he worked. His ex-colleague and rival, Dr. Nempyp Runebrew the racist half-elf, was chiefly responsible for his dismissal and the removal of Penflower's books from the academy library. The professor now roams the land in search of new knowledge, new adventures... and new students.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

D&D: Sir Kholgrom (miniature)

Hail and well met and a great big HELLO!
I have returned from my adventures in the Netherlands as well as a first time visit to Scotland, specifically Aberdeen and Dundee. I spent a wonderful week with my mighty girlfriend and my interview for the PGDE Primary course I have applied for at the University of Aberdeen went well.
While I gradually readjust to my working/creative routine, here's a brave little fellow I purchased in Eindhoven and painted with Astrid. Behold, the mighty Sir Kholgrom, skeleton knight!
Slain during a senseless battle between two foolish kingdoms, Kholgrom was resurrected by his good friend, the dwarf cleric Dunwyn: however, the spell was only half-cast as Dunwyn was himself killed during the ritual. As a result, Kholgrom returned as an undead creature who, though fleshless, has lost none of his knightly charm and conviction. He roams the lands in search of adventure and fame!