Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A valentine's day bookmark for Astrid

I made this bookmark for Astrid (will be delivering it in person when I'm over at hers next weekend). It's all coloured card, with some pencil, fine-point pen and gold paint details. tried to make it so the page fits under the leafy flap at the top, but I think I used too much glue, so it sticks out a bit if you use it like that. I works just as well without the flap, though :)


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Fan-art for a Cracking Channel!

Hail and well met, all!
Here's some fan-art, but perhaps a little different to the usual fare: this time it's for one of my favourite YouTube channels and its host, The Bard! Gifted with a booming voice, a loquacious vocabulary and a truly luscious beard, the bombastic Bard produces excellent content - miniature reviews, unboxings, reboxings, voice-over work - on his channel BardicBroadcasts. His hilarious 'Why Heroquest is So Great' video garnered him a lot of new followers, myself included. Check him out if you're a fan of fantasy and geek paraphernalia!