Saturday, 20 August 2016

D&D: Poots in Space!

Hail and well met!
It's been a while: this week Astrid, myself and my best friends Ed and Elisa went on another roleplaying fantasy adventure, this time in the Spelljammer setting (a really cool fantasy/sci-fi world with a Ptolomaic system, medieval technology and boats that can take off into space!)
I played as Bud Briarwood, a cursed ex-treasure seeker monk whose skin causes instant sickness, vomiting and occasionally death upon contact.
Astrid played as Vaevae (Vay Vay), a Bohemian Gnome con-artist cleric, who specialises in snake-oil, cure-alls and fortune telling.
Elisa played as Captain Laronne Valoise (a.k.a. Captain Crow), a Tengu ranger and professional pirate-hunter with a pet honey badger.
We were employed by the Pragmatic Order Of Thoughts (or POOT) to hunt down and capture notorious pirate elf prince Tal Gilgalad, his crew and his ship the Barracuda.
Had a glorious time and can't wait to revisit these characters and worlds again. Here are the 'Poot's!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Questvendor Wartfester

Long time no post! Here's an odd fantasy creature who will pay a handsome reward to any adventurer willing to take care of some "business" for him.