Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Final Tribute to Bellowhead

I've written previously about how much of an impact Bellowhead have had on my life and attitudes towards it. Now that they're on their official farewell tour, and that I'm just three days away from seeing them live for the very last time, I feel the need to revisit those sentiments.
It's been an eventful past few months. There's been lots of problems, mostly health-related, in the family. My teaching work-load has increased. I've finally found love.
The past couple of weeks have been particularly upsetting and stressful, for both sad and happy reasons, and - as usual - through it all, Bellowhead's music has been a constant source of comfort, inspiration and joy. They are a modern marvel, an explosive force of fun, and I love them to bits.
In light of all this, I decided to draw them another gift. A sort of visual representation of their name, style and music. I'll admit, it's quite weird... but then again, so are Bellowhead. Weird and wonderful.
Thank you Bellowhead, for making the world a lot more fun.

Friday, 22 April 2016

D&D Party 'Monster Boat': Complete!


The complete commissioned ‘Monster Boat’ D&D party:
Grogmund Third-Eye - three-eyed orc oracle
Shia Le Boeuf - naked shaman minotaur
Migh-Ah-Ehl - fabulous lion rakshasa bard
Captain Yarrah - heavy armoured half-dragon captain

Thursday, 21 April 2016

D&D Party 'Monster Boat': Migh-Ah-Ehl

Here's the final(?) member of the D&D monster boat pirate crew: Migh-Ah-Ehl the fabulous Lion Rakshasa bard.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

D&D Party 'Monster Boat': Shia Le Boeuf

Another Monster Boat D&D character: the towering shaman Minotaur, Shia Le Boeuf (fnar fnar!) complete with totem.

D&D Party 'Monster Boat': Captain Yarrah

Here's another D&D party character commission: Captain Yarrah, the heavy-armoured half-dragon and leader of the motley monstrous pirate crew!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Card Game Project: Another batch of cards!

Hello all!
The card game is taking shape: I've got some rules written down and a lot of playtests under my belt, all of which prove the game is useful and most of all, really enjoyable for all ages.
Also feeling a lot better than yesterday, so to celebrate, here's the latest batch of printed, laminated cards, featuring a gnome, a rabbit and a bomb!

Friday, 15 April 2016

D&D Party 'Monster Boat': Grogmund Third-Eye

Hail and well met!
I've been struck low by a horrible, sticky allergic attack (puffy eyes, red raw runny nose, the whole shebang). Nonetheless, I might just be joining a D&D campaign run by some good friends soon. The theme is fantasy monster pirates, and here's a commission: a portrait of the crew's orc oracle, Grogmund, who ripped out his normal eyes leaving only his vision inducing mystical third eye. More to come soon, hopefully. Atchoo.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

PDSH Redesign: Mysta of The Moon (and her Robot)

Original character description from PDSH wikia:

"In the near future, Mars, God of War, has succeeded in destroying all of Earth's universities in an attempt to inflict a new dark age on humanity. However, Dr. Kort has preserved the world's knowledge and culture. To ensure that it would outlast him, he took two children, Mysta and Nors, to his moon laboratory and educated them using a hypno-transmitter. Unfortunately, Mars possessed Nors, killing Dr. Kort and trying to kill Mysta as well. She saw through the ruse, however, and killed Nors in order to free him from Mars' control and banish the villain from the corporeal plane.
With Mars defeated, Mysta and her mentally controlled robot fought new foes from their moon citadel. Her first order of business was to defeat the Super-Brain, who took advantage of Earth's weakened defenses to conquer the planet. She then set up the Safety Council, an organization formed to try to reverse Mars-inflicted damage and restore knowledge to Earth. Mysta advised the Safety Council and enforced it's laws if necessary. (...) Eventually, she relocated to Earth, taking a civilian identity as Ana Thane, technician for the Safety Council under a handsome boss, Dirk Garro."

So how to sum up Mysta of the Moon? Alien, super-smart superhero and strategist with a mind-controlled pet robot. So many fun ideas, all packed into one character. Basically this is a modernisation as well as a redesign: I got rid of the silly space-bikini (?) and replaced it with a proper armoured space-suit, more suited to the founder of a planetary defense organisation.
As well as all that, she's more overtly alien, looking a bit like H.G. Wells' Selenites. Her robot is a little smaller and modeled after Mysta's own alien anatomy (complete with extra limbs).