Saturday, 9 January 2016

Fan-Art: Steven Universe's Peridot (as a Crystal Gem)

"Does this mean I'm gonna have to wear a star? Where am I gonna put a star?!"
If you haven't been watching Steven Universe (created by Rebecca Sugar) then this might be a bit of spoiler. Here's some fan-art of Peridot, former villain, now new member of the Crystal Gems (hand-drawn and coloured digitally)
As a side note, I'd really recommend this show to everyone. It has a lovely animation style, superb music and top notch character and world building.
Peridot is my favourite gem, as she represents the fact that even the most narrow-minded, flawed and bigoted person can change for the better, if given patience and guidance. Along with its much-discussed and celebrated treatment of feminist issues, queerness and love in general, I'd say Steven's attitude towards his 'enemies', always trying to see the best in them and making an effort to reach out, is the beating heart of the show.

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