Monday, 30 November 2015

Xmas Market 2015 Goodies - Part 5

Here are some more xmas market goodies: five black and white bookmarks, representing the fantasy, science-fiction, horror, romance and adventure genres.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Project Card Game

Hello all,
For some time now I've been working on a card game for EFL use: namely, for developing vocabulary and practicing sentence structure. At the moment, this game has some basic rules and a lot of design ideas... but no name (although I am definitely working on that).
Either way, thanks to a recently purchased home laminator, I was able to print a few cards off. They turned out better than I expected and it feels amazing being able to hold them in my hand after months of just looking at the designs on a computer screen. If all goes well, within a couple of months I should have a simple rule booklet and a sample deck that I can use for demonstrations.
I'll try and post regular updates on this project from now on :) TF

Monday, 23 November 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Xmas Market 2015 Goodies - Part 3

Here's a horror/halloween patterned notebook with pen, and a Megazord-inspired post-it note booklet.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Viking Friend

A sobre, completely realistic portrait of my friend as a marauding viking. I think I might be getting a little obsessed, thanks to The Last Kingdom.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Xmas Market 2015 Goodies - Part 2

Some more hand-drawn notebooks: a flowery pattern and a green wizard with glowy sphere and staff.


Friday, 13 November 2015

Orgu's Tale: a Dungeon Roll story

I recently received Dungeon Roll, a push-your-luck fantasy dice game created by Chris Darden at Tasty Minstrel Games. Here's a very nice video introduction to the game and how to play it.
It's loads of fun and I'm really enjoying playing it: so much so that I was inspired to write a short story, based on a dungeon delve. Without further ado, here is Orgu's Tale.

Very well, very well. Yes, I am Chieftain Orgu, Twindragon.
No doubt you wish to be regaled with my tale of the Dungeon of Despair? How my companions and I faced the monsters that dwelt in that foul, nightmarish place? Fine.
I came to this village as a young half-goblin. The son of a forbidden love affair between goblin-maid and man, viewed as sinful and depraved by both goblin and human-kind, I wandered through these lands in search of purpose and glory.
As soon as I heard tell of the Dungeon and the dragon that lived there I knew that my destiny was calling – at least, that’s how my foolish child-like mind saw it. I stood on a table, right here in this very tavern, clanking a wooden spoon against my flagon of ale to get the patrons’ attention.
“Listen here, all of you!” I called out. “I am Orgu Halfblood, from the Southern Swamplands, and I have a mind to delve deep into the Dungeon of Despair and slay the scaly wyrm that so frightens the good folk hereabouts. Is there anyone here brave enough to join me?”
 No sooner had I finished, than the tavern walls shook with laughter and jeering. Everywhere I looked were ruddy, blotchy, drunken faces, grinning and hurling slurs at me. Someone even threw an egg. Disheartened beyond belief, I clambered down from my perch.
 “I will join you, young Halfblood,” said a kind, booming voice behind me.
I turned round to see a tall, muscular man in a suit of bronze-coloured armour. The face of a boar adorned the chest-plate and a crimson cape hung from the shoulder-guards. The man’s face was dark and lined with age. A great, wiry black beard covered the lower half of his face and his green almond eyes shone like emeralds. “I am Zahim, Champion of Silver Moon Falls,” he continued with a nod. “I sense greatness in you, Orgu, and a strong desire to prove yourself. You remind me of myself at your age!” he grinned and gestured to a table. “Come! Sit, share some ale and meet my friends…”
 I joined Zahim and was surprised by his company. One by one, I was introduced to them all: There was Samira, a Cleric of the White Goddess, all dressed in gold and silver robes and carrying a hammer-head staff. Beside her sat Murmik, an apprentice Mage – a spotty young man who looked not much older than me, wearing patchy robes and a threadbare pointed hat. Next were Juni and Maya, swordswomen fighters and lovers from the Sunless Mountains. The toughness of their leather and chain-mail armour was offset somewhat by the tender looks they gave each other and the gentle way they held each others’ hand. Finally, there was Kit, the youngest of the party at just thirteen, but already a master thief. She proudly displayed to me all the purses she had snatched throughout the course of that evening alone, as well as a scroll she had lifted from a wealthy-looking merchant who sat dozing in a corner of the tavern, surrounded by empty bottles of wine.
 After a few hours discussion we were all in agreement: we would face the dungeon together.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fan-art: Yogscast's Simon Lane (Honeydew the Dwarf)

I've been a big fan of the Yogscast for some time, so I thought I'd draw some fan-art: here is Simon 'Honeydew' Lane in dwarvish attire.