Saturday, 30 May 2015

Su-Portraits: The Return!

Hello all! I did some more portraits-of-my-friends-as-superheroes! Presenting Madeleine as Mana the Magician, Elisa as Snow Queen, Jonny as Jonny Cosmic and Kat as Fauna!

Madeleine appears to be a normal fantasy author, but she secretly lives a double life as Mana the Magician, a powerful sorceress who uses her formidable magic to fight crime and save lives on a daily basis. Her numerous skills include levitation, illusions, lightning and fire manipulation.

Everyone thinks Elisa is a passionate, sometimes hot-heated young woman... which is presisely why nobody would ever expect that she is in reality the Cryonic Crusader, The Snow Queen! After a freak accident involving an air conditioner and a faulty telephone charger - the wire chewed by her pet rabbit - Elisa developed amazing ice and frost-based superpowers. She can cover her body with protective ice crystals as well as fashion ice-weapons and blades. She can also summon strong icy winds to freeze any super-criminal on the spot!

Young science-fan Jonny was lucky enough to win a contest for the first passenger shuttle flight to interplanetary space. While on board the X-Gaia 1, he decided to explore the viewing deck. Suddenly, he came into contact with a wandering alien plant-form called the Cosmea Sideralis. In actuality a hyper-intelligent symbiote, it bonded with him, granting him astonishing photo-synthesis-fueled cosmic powers, including flight, super-strength and energy blasts. 

Zoologist and Conservationist Kat was accidentally exposed to an experimental mutagen gas while working at the high-tec PanimaTech Zoology Institute. The gas gifted her with the power of transforming her body - or parts of it - into various animals. She now fights crime as well as protecting nature and combating animal cruelty under the superhero guise of Fauna!

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