Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Public Domain Superhero Redesign: Fantomah (2.0)

Fantomah (Fletcher Hanks, 1940) is such an intriguing character I just had to do another redesign/re-imagining of her.

The year is 1985. Annie Fletcher is, to the outside world, a popular seventeen-year-old high school girl. She's a cheer-leader, prize-winning gymnast and has been voted the prettiest girl in Doyle High three years running. Her friends, family and teachers think they know all about Annie Fletcher... but Annie has a darker side.
After receiving a mysterious amulet in the post from a long forgotten relative, Annie becomes possessed by the vengeful spirit of an ancient jungle goddess... a goddess hell-bent on punishing the wicked. At night, Annie Fletcher transforms into a gaunt, ghost-like creature, with vast magical powers including flight, transformation and hypnosis. Annie's alter-ego soon takes on a new name for herself... Fantomah! The two are often in conflict within Annie's mind, not just fighting over a body, but holding radically different values and beliefs. Now Annie must balance her carefully controlled social and school life, with her new, more dangerous night-time exploits, taking on criminals and the forces of evil.

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