Monday, 4 May 2015

Creatures of Harmatia: the Red Cap

Here's another piece of fan-art for Madeleine Vaughan's new fantasy novel, The Sons of Thestian. This time, I'm drawing one of the creatures that appear in the book, namely the gruesome Red Cap!

"A little over two feet tall, with gnarled skin and talons on each hand, the creature was like nothing Jionathan had ever seen before. Its eyes were huge, impossibly so, and completely red, with only a tiny slit of a pupil in each. Its teeth were also long, protruding from its mouth in layers, forming an almost beak which compensated for its lack of a nose, a single split at the top lip serving as a nostril. 
It was naked, but for two things, a pair of iron-shod boots which it wore proudly and a cap - red with fresh blood which stained the visible outer rim of its leathery scalp. It held a pikestaff in its hands."
  - M.E. Vaughan 'The Sons of Thestian', Ch. 8

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