Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Webcomic Chapter Cover Sketch

I've been planning and pencilling out a webcomic/story project now for a few months. I haven't inked anything, it's all still just rough pencil lines. This is mainly because I have a habit of starting full-tilt on projects, inking and colouring in each page as I write it, which means I get tired quickly and frustrated at how long it's taking me to get the actual story going.
This time I've tried to plan ahead as much as I can, focusing on getting the page lay-outs and story done, and worrying about the inks and colours later. So far it's worked quite well, and I'm already on the final page of the first chapter.
Now, it might be quite some time before I actually have anything ready to publish, but I felt like sharing some news on this project, as well as a rough sketch of a possible chapter cover, featuring the main characters that appear in it. The title of the chapter might change, but I think as a concept it works quite well.

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