Sunday, 15 March 2015

Gemsona: Carnelian

So, as I have already mentioned here, I am a fan of the Steven Universe animated series. I find the concept of the immortal gemstone-based aliens which the series revolves around very interesting and fun - as have a lot of other artists. So much so that many of these have started creating 'gemsona's: ergo, portraits of themselves as gems/crystal gems. I already drew a gemsona last year, but I was never particularly happy with the way it turned out. Therefore, here is a new, modified version of my gemsona, Carnelian. He doesn't exactly look like me (save the beard), but he captures my love for fantasy and digging in the outdoors pretty well, I think. He's a tough, short-tempered but ultimately kind-hearted gem, who enjoys making things and exploring dark caverns.

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