Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Flash - Redesign

I'm currently really enjoying the CW's Flash live action tv series, and it got me thinking about how fantastic a character the Flash really is. A superhero who isn't defined by the fact that he fights crime, but rather saving lives, fixing problems and generally speaking helping people. In all his various personifications, he's a warm, positive genuinely human hero, who has his fair share of tragedies and issues, but isn't hung up on them, and never lets them define him.
Therefore, I decided to update my earlier redesign of the scarlet speedster, removing the helmet and visor, replacing them with a more recognisable cowl, with goggles and lightning bolts.
Below the redesign are some sketches: I really wanted to emphasize the 'speed' elements, trying to give him an early racing car driver look, but also incorporate the 'scientist', with the side-satchel containing the Flash's stash of high-energy food, to help him cope with a super accelerated metabolism.


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