Friday, 4 July 2014

The Superman

So it's been raining all day and the sunflowers in our garden have all suddenly wilted due to some sort of fungus. I needed to cheer myself up, so I decided to redesign Superman. Not the all-new dark and broody superman that's apparently so trendy now, but rather Superman as myself and a lot of others consider him: fun, inspiring and little goofy.
To me, Superman only really makes sense as a stocky, gee-whizz, boxer-short-wearing dork who may be the most powerful being on Earth, but still has all the hang-ups and problems as the rest of his adoptive people. I'm starting to really re-appreciate his character and I definitely think I'll revisit him and maybe some of his rogue's gallery soon. For now, here he is, with a couple of rough sketches (also featuring beanie-wearing Clark Kent). TF

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Bobby said...

Wow, for some reason the mask and gloves are really working for me. Thus feels very much like a Pulpy precursor to the Golden Age Supes we all love. Would love to see more characters imagined slightly earlier in the evolution of the genre. A Phantom/Shadow Batman? A Jungle Girl Wonder Woman. Oh now I have ideas for a full JLA set lol

Also I love this style. Very rounded and with an air of an animation studio. Fits the character appropriately but is also something is like to see you play with more generally as it's a reAlly strong aesthetic