Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Bat-Man

After redesigning Supes, I had to have another crack at Batman, didn't I?
I was initially going to draw him as a kind of super-spy - aesthetically a mix between Diabolik, TRON and Batman Beyond - with emphasis on gadgets and armour. Then I decided, that's been done to death (and not just by me), so I decided to highlight a different side of the character.
Seeing as I went back to the pulpy, original look for Superman (with a modern twist), I did the same for Batman. Here he's still the same mix of different earlier characters (Count Dracula, Zorro, The Phantom), but with a greater emphasis on the gothic, theatrical, creature-of-the-night side. He still has gadgets, but he rarely uses them. The hood is a variation on a previous redesign I did of Batman, where the bat-ears silhouette is created by the upturned hood instead of actual pointy ears on the cowl. Basically, I tried to bring Batman back to what makes him a likeable and interesting character, while putting my own spin on his look. TF

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Bobby said...

Your art is also innovative and interesting but this (particularly the mask) is truly beautiful. I really mean it. I'd love to see a video tutorial of how you colour and do the pattern shady'ing. You know you have to do a WW now right. Wild/hidden society woman turned American agent is her core so it'd be cool to see you break it down to that