Friday, 11 July 2014


The TRUE story of Pokèmon is a first-person narrative noir with Meowth telling the viewers stories of all his friends being traded and forced to fight for money, by their human ‘trainers’ (who they refer to as ‘handler’s). There’s a black market for rare candies (give single-evolution pokèmon highs) which Meowth takes a cut of. Pokèmon all suffered so much brain damage from the constant glorified cock-fighting that all their addled minds could cope with by way of communication was by shouting their names over and over. Meowth was the only one able to teach himself human language because he never fought. When a pokèmon actually gets killed, the shit hits the fan as the ‘Hidden Machine Gang’ demands vengence by killing a cop outside a pokè-centre. Against his will, Meowth houses one of the pokémon responsible and gets caught in the cross-fire in…

Inspired by a conversation with Alejandro Bruzzese

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