Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bartha of Bartonia

I've been playing Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for about a month now, and today I finally managed to defeat the evil Lord Bane and save the world. I promised myself that I'd do a portrait of my character if I managed to win, so here she is: Bartha, riding her trusty giant rat steed, Bumfluff.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Plant People from the Gnome & Raspberry

Hello all. The Gnome & Raspberry garden is proceeding very well (aside from blights and pests) and I thought I'd do some fantasy-style portraits of two of its residents: A marigold knight (sworn defender of the garden against pests) and a Runner Bean Giant.


Friday, 11 July 2014


The TRUE story of Pokèmon is a first-person narrative noir with Meowth telling the viewers stories of all his friends being traded and forced to fight for money, by their human ‘trainers’ (who they refer to as ‘handler’s). There’s a black market for rare candies (give single-evolution pokèmon highs) which Meowth takes a cut of. Pokèmon all suffered so much brain damage from the constant glorified cock-fighting that all their addled minds could cope with by way of communication was by shouting their names over and over. Meowth was the only one able to teach himself human language because he never fought. When a pokèmon actually gets killed, the shit hits the fan as the ‘Hidden Machine Gang’ demands vengence by killing a cop outside a pokè-centre. Against his will, Meowth houses one of the pokémon responsible and gets caught in the cross-fire in…

Inspired by a conversation with Alejandro Bruzzese

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Wonder Woman

After Bat-man and Superman, it's the turn of the woman of wonder herself. This time with a hefty dose of re-imagining as well...
Deana was the Princess of Themyscira, a hidden island somewhere just South of the Aegean Sea. The island and its people - an ancient, isolated, matriarchal society - grew rich during Ancient times, becoming a trading hub for the Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians and Romans. The women of Themyscira, who built and fought, traded and travelled, became the basis of the legend of the Amazons in local myth. Another legend was that the Themysciran's had somehow found the key to immortality, as all of the island's inhabitants seemed to live unnaturally long lives. This lead to many invasions, all of them thwarted by the warrior women... but not without cost. The rare plant, whose oil granted extended life and health, and which only grew on Themyscira was safe... however, Deana's mother Hyppolita was slain. The people of the island decided to cut themselves off completely from the rest of the world, transferring their civilisation underground in a labyrinthine network of tunnels and caves. Their near-immortal culture remained preserved until the second world war, when an army base was set up on the apparently deserted island and bombed, revealing the hidden 'Amazons' to the modern age.
Deana, possessing superhuman strength and durability afforded her by thousands of years using the special oil, fought against the Axis powers to defend her people and, indirectly, the Allied soldiers. A formidable athlete and fighter, Deana was dubbed 'Wonder Woman' by the grateful soldiers, who gave her the nickname in part due to the stylised Royal Pheonix emblem of her family, engraved on her tunic and girdle. She went on to fight during the war and re-introduced Themyscira to the rest of the world. Much later on, she met a certain super-powered farm boy and a mysterious cloaked vigilante, to form a very special team...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Bat-Man

After redesigning Supes, I had to have another crack at Batman, didn't I?
I was initially going to draw him as a kind of super-spy - aesthetically a mix between Diabolik, TRON and Batman Beyond - with emphasis on gadgets and armour. Then I decided, that's been done to death (and not just by me), so I decided to highlight a different side of the character.
Seeing as I went back to the pulpy, original look for Superman (with a modern twist), I did the same for Batman. Here he's still the same mix of different earlier characters (Count Dracula, Zorro, The Phantom), but with a greater emphasis on the gothic, theatrical, creature-of-the-night side. He still has gadgets, but he rarely uses them. The hood is a variation on a previous redesign I did of Batman, where the bat-ears silhouette is created by the upturned hood instead of actual pointy ears on the cowl. Basically, I tried to bring Batman back to what makes him a likeable and interesting character, while putting my own spin on his look. TF

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Superman

So it's been raining all day and the sunflowers in our garden have all suddenly wilted due to some sort of fungus. I needed to cheer myself up, so I decided to redesign Superman. Not the all-new dark and broody superman that's apparently so trendy now, but rather Superman as myself and a lot of others consider him: fun, inspiring and little goofy.
To me, Superman only really makes sense as a stocky, gee-whizz, boxer-short-wearing dork who may be the most powerful being on Earth, but still has all the hang-ups and problems as the rest of his adoptive people. I'm starting to really re-appreciate his character and I definitely think I'll revisit him and maybe some of his rogue's gallery soon. For now, here he is, with a couple of rough sketches (also featuring beanie-wearing Clark Kent). TF