Thursday, 26 June 2014

Public Domain Redesign: The Crimson Rider!

From PDSH:

"The Crimson Rider was a masked vigilante garbed in red and rode a horse named Satan. Her true identity was the beautiful Mary Bennon. Mary wanted revnege for her father's murder by the villainous Payson gang so she adopted the Crimson Rider persona to seek retribution. After bringing justice to the Payson gang, Mary Bennon continued as the Crimson Rider and helped out Wilton of the West and Snorty."

As with my redesigns of Black Angel, Magna and Agent Rio, I decided to catapult Ms. Bennon into modern day superheroism. I listened to an unhealthy amount of new retro wave synth music, and gave her a new, modernised look: part Power Ranger, part Judge Dredd, with a bit of Tron thrown in, the Crimson Rider of today drives a suped up, transforming motorcycle, packs a prototype energy gun and wears a holographic display visor and red wig to hide her identity. TF

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