Monday, 17 March 2014

Public Domain Redesigns: Agent Rio, Queen of Spies (Featuring The Trio)

Here's another public domain superheroine, modernised and reimagined: Señorita Rio - now Agent Rio - Queen of Spies. PDSH says:

"Ritta Farrar was, at one point, a rising Hollywood actress and a former movie stunt girl. When her fiance, Bill, was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, she decided to become a secret agent, in hopes of saving other American soldiers from a similar fate. She faked her own suicide in Rio de Janeiro, while attending the premire of her new film, Lady Dance No More. Taking the code name, Señorita Rio, she soon became "The Queen of Spies," battling Axis agents athroughout South America. Señorita Rio was a skilled dancer, singer and actor. She could mimic voices very convincingly. She was said to be of "fighting stock" and was extremely athletic, capable of performing amazing feats almost effortlessly (anything from diving off the side of an ocean liner to catching someone while swinging on a trapeeze). She was an expert fighter, skilled in jiu-jitsu and fencing. She was proficient with firearms, including heavy machine guns, and a good enough marksman to shoot a man's gun out of his hand. She usually concealed a handgun on her person, as well as tools for escape. Presumably, she was fluent in both English and Portuguese and possibly Spanish and German as well."

I decided to update Rio into Agent Rio, member of a S.H.I.E.L.D.-like international intelligence organisation. She's wearing her spy uniform, equipped with padding, gadgets and weapons - including a telescopic baton/rapier. I kept those neat-looking ear-rings from the original design, as I like to think of Rita using them like shurikens. 
I also see Agent Rio joining Black Angel and Magna to form a crime-busting team of superheroines. 'The Trio' has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

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