Sunday, 16 March 2014

Public Domain Redesign: Magna the Magnetic Woman

Here's my redesign / reimagining of the public domain superhero Magno the Magnetic Man, who was described as a 'playboy adventurer with the super powers of magnetism and invulnerability who fights crime and battles the Axis'. 
The thing I liked most about this character was the powerset and the symbol (the two burst patterns representing the north and south poles of a bar magnet). Because his civilian identity was never known, I figured that maybe Magno retired after the war and settled down to raise a family. If we imagine that his powers are a natural trait, then maybe it skips a generation: hence his granddaughter, Mariana Barr, inheriting his magnetic powers, and the (adapted) mantle of Magna, the Magnetic Woman. I simplified and streamlined the costume, enlarging the symbol and giving her an 'M' shaped visor.

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