Wednesday, 5 March 2014

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #11

After a hiatus of sorts, here's the eleventh doctor in my rebooted/re-imagined mythos: Kate Ashfield!
Doctor 10, the most bright and optimistic of all the Doctor's incarnations, is eventually forced into a no-win situation by the Daleks, having to choose between her own safety and the safety of the galaxy. Naturally, she chooses the latter, leading to her body once again being fatally wounded. Teleporting her companion to safety in the TARDIS, she regenerates on board a crashing space-ship, on an alien world a whole galaxy away from the old blue phonebox. From the burning rubble emerges the 11th Doctor, stern, ruthless and determined. This Doctor would travel from alien world to alien world, cobbling together a rudimentary time-and-spaceship, with which to search for and retrieve the TARDIS. Along her travels, she is joined by a faulty cyber-hound, whom she imaginatively calls 'wolf'. This doctor is more serious than her predecessor, commenting on the ineptitude and ignorance of her enemies, and her allies, with biting sarcasm. Beneath her icy exterior, however, beat the same hearts of the adventurous time lord/lady.

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