Thursday, 13 March 2014

12 Doctors Challenge: The 12 Doctors

Here's a line-up composite pic of all my reimagined 12 Doctors. Click on the picture to biggify, or here to find out more about each one.

First Doctor - Tom Waits (Space Hobo and Poet)
Second Doctor - Ben Willbond (Gentleman Explorer)
Third Doctor - Hugh Dennis (Amnesiac Storyteller)
Fourth Doctor - Rory Kinnear (Secretly Adventurous Stickler)
Fifth Doctor - Ben Miller (Mid-life Crisis Action Hero)
Sixth Doctor - Chris Addison (Witty Mechanic and Inventor)
Seventh Doctor - Ellie Kendrick (Curious Scientist)
Eighth Doctor - Lyndsey Marshal (Unscrupulous Tinkerer)
Ninth Doctor - Olivia Colman (Soul-searching Wanderer)
Tenth Doctor - Sheridan Smith (Kind-hearted Optimist)
Eleventh Doctor - Kate Ashfield (Determined Seeker of Justice)
Twelfth Doctor - Helen Mirren (Magician and Teacher)

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