Monday, 3 February 2014

"Herbalist". Right.

Here's something for my friend and fellow cosmonaut of the mind, Jonny.
Inspired by my latest adventures in the world of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, I decided to create a new character, sort of based on dear Jonathan, for him to play as if he should ever choose to do so.
Thus, Jon H. Turlypipe was born.
I took the liberty of rolling for Jonny (The dice. I rolled the dice. Stop it.): Turlypipe has a decent enough 8 for skill, a even decent-er 15 for stamina... but a fairly abysmal 4 for luck. Not to worry, though. Turlypipe always tries to look at life within the long astronomical perspective. Plus all of his 10 provisions are weed. Weed-cakes. He has ten weed-cakes.
My apologies, Jonny.

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