Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: Ghost!

Here's the sixth recruit of the Death Battalion: Henry Sufferige, a.k.a Ghost!
Masquerading as the head of a charity for orhpaned children, Henry was secretly guilty of a money laundering scheme. As a clear precursor to the Scooby-Doo villain, he invented a kooky alter ego to throw off suspicion. The original design is indeed very amateurish (it looks like a pillow case with holes cut out for eyes) so I decided to make my redesigned Ghost look a lot more creepy. This design was inspired in equal parts by DC's Scarecrow and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, as featured in The Muppets Christmas Carol.
In my mind, he'd invest in lots of special make up and effects to convince people he was an actual specter (mist projection, phosphorescent dust, voice distortion, etc.) A terrifying addition to the Battalion. Next up, the brains behind the whole operation...

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