Sunday, 2 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: Dr. Death!

Here's member number four of the Devious Death Battalion: Dr. Death!
He's possibly one of my favourite villain concepts ever. A sort of Dr. Phibes-ish character, with a dash of Moriarty thrown in perhaps?
A famous concert pianist who gets fired, and has his revenge by writing the 'symphony of death', which kills anyone who plays it, and mailing it to his ex-employers.
I can't help but imagine him going further and further. Writing jingles with a hidden frequence or pitch in them which causes instant death? Ring tones? Pop songs? Imagine the damage this guy could do. I see him assuming a series of alternate identities and making his way through the music industry, leaving a wake of carefully concealed destruction behind him. A worthy addition to this evil, evil team.
As to visual changes, I gave him a bit more hair and I took away the skull tattoo on his forehead, and substituted it with a suggestive group of moles.


Bobby said...

Sorry I've been quiet lately old chum however I daily click on my favourites and go to 'Thomas Fummo' to see what you've posted and am delighted with every new treat.

This current series has been truly fantastic and reminds me of why I first latched onto your design asthetic and style.

And your She-Docs have been truly epic. Good casting choices.

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks Bobby. Nice to still have a regular commenter over here :D It's much appreciated.