Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: The Black Clown!

Here's Death Battalion-er (sic?) number 5: The Black Clown!
The alter-ego of one Harry Parish, failed and greedy circus owner, who turns to super-villainy when denied a loan. What makes this clown so super, you ask?
Well, he's a skilled acrobat, escape artist, has an army of evil circus performers, including a trained python and an ape named 'Garganta'. (I might do an additional piece featuring one of the two with the Black Clown, once I've completed the team).
For the redesign I wanted to keep the 'black' and 'clown' elements, but make them look more creepy than the original design: hence the fixed crying pagliaccio mask and abundance of black (with dark purple highlights). The Top Villain of the Big Top was born to be a part of the Death Battalion.

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