Monday, 24 February 2014

Harriet Houdini the Hamster Escape Artist

So, once upon a time my family had a pet golden hamster called Harriet.
She loved to climb and play and run in her wheel... but she also liked to escape. At least two times, she sent us into fits of worry as we searched the flat for her, once finding her in the cupboard under the sink, feasting on a sponge, and another time behind the bookcase (we coaxed her out with a biscuit).
I think about her often. She lived quite long life for a hamster, and died peacefully in her sleep.
Here's a little tribute to her :)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

That's Mr. Scarlet to you, sonny.

So after redesigning the entire Death Battalion, I couldn't skip having a go at their sworn arch-enemy... Mr. Scarlet. It says on his PDSH page that he had one power, he could fly. Apart from that, he usually preferred to use his fists in a fight rather than his ray-gun.
So I gave him a modified pilot cap as a mask/helmet combo, with goggles, and removed the cape, substituting it for a 'S' logo scarf. I tried to make him look as bright and jolly as possible, to contrast with the dreary look and name of the Battalion.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Growl Beasts and Head Colds.

Here's a draft page from a comic I started last year and which somehow turned into something very different. I'm currently working on that very different thing. As well as fighting of a bout of depression and head-cold. Bah humbug.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: Completed Team!


Death Battalion Redesigned: Brain!

And here we have the master and mind behind the Death Battalion: Brain!
According to the original character description, Brain was a Nazi Fifth Columnist, disguised as Warden Loomis, warden of "El Catraz" (Sheesh) high security prison for super criminals.
I thought I'd update the character a little. Let's say Loomis was once a petty thug who ended up in prison as a teenager. With no family or friends, he grew up moving from prisons, to sanitariums, to correctional institutions... all of which, like most prisons do, schooled him in crime. Whenever released, it wouldn't be too long until he was sent back, each time for a worse crime than before. Resolving to better his chances at never getting caught again, he educated himself in the prison library and started forming a gang. He feigned a change of heart, confusing and tricking his assessors and evaluators, who eagerly accepted all the praise shown them for having 'cured' such a dangerous individual. Little did they know that all their methods, all the beatings, all the humiliations had only served to turn Loomis into a criminal mastermind. After 10 years, he was out. He was free.
Quickly bribing the authorities to get his former gang members free, Loomis was soon on the rampage yet again, this time covering his tracks and building himself a criminal empire.
However, one fateful night, a rival gang attacked Loomis' secret warehouse, full of contraband and stolen items. There was an explosion, and Loomis was almost fatally injured.
Through his many connections, Loomis was able to save himself. Brilliant surgeons managed to transplant and preserve his brain inside a mechanical probe, with a robotic body as its vessel.
Learning that it had been Mr. Scarlet who had tipped off the rival gang, in the hopes that the gang war would stir the corrupt police force out of their apathy, the creature now known only as the Brain, set about planning his revenge. Assuming the identity of El Catraz's warden through hologramatic projection, Brain set about secretly recruiting all of Mr. Scarlet's worst enemies...

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: Ghost!

Here's the sixth recruit of the Death Battalion: Henry Sufferige, a.k.a Ghost!
Masquerading as the head of a charity for orhpaned children, Henry was secretly guilty of a money laundering scheme. As a clear precursor to the Scooby-Doo villain, he invented a kooky alter ego to throw off suspicion. The original design is indeed very amateurish (it looks like a pillow case with holes cut out for eyes) so I decided to make my redesigned Ghost look a lot more creepy. This design was inspired in equal parts by DC's Scarecrow and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, as featured in The Muppets Christmas Carol.
In my mind, he'd invest in lots of special make up and effects to convince people he was an actual specter (mist projection, phosphorescent dust, voice distortion, etc.) A terrifying addition to the Battalion. Next up, the brains behind the whole operation...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: The Black Clown!

Here's Death Battalion-er (sic?) number 5: The Black Clown!
The alter-ego of one Harry Parish, failed and greedy circus owner, who turns to super-villainy when denied a loan. What makes this clown so super, you ask?
Well, he's a skilled acrobat, escape artist, has an army of evil circus performers, including a trained python and an ape named 'Garganta'. (I might do an additional piece featuring one of the two with the Black Clown, once I've completed the team).
For the redesign I wanted to keep the 'black' and 'clown' elements, but make them look more creepy than the original design: hence the fixed crying pagliaccio mask and abundance of black (with dark purple highlights). The Top Villain of the Big Top was born to be a part of the Death Battalion.

Monday, 3 February 2014

"Herbalist". Right.

Here's something for my friend and fellow cosmonaut of the mind, Jonny.
Inspired by my latest adventures in the world of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, I decided to create a new character, sort of based on dear Jonathan, for him to play as if he should ever choose to do so.
Thus, Jon H. Turlypipe was born.
I took the liberty of rolling for Jonny (The dice. I rolled the dice. Stop it.): Turlypipe has a decent enough 8 for skill, a even decent-er 15 for stamina... but a fairly abysmal 4 for luck. Not to worry, though. Turlypipe always tries to look at life within the long astronomical perspective. Plus all of his 10 provisions are weed. Weed-cakes. He has ten weed-cakes.
My apologies, Jonny.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: Dr. Death!

Here's member number four of the Devious Death Battalion: Dr. Death!
He's possibly one of my favourite villain concepts ever. A sort of Dr. Phibes-ish character, with a dash of Moriarty thrown in perhaps?
A famous concert pianist who gets fired, and has his revenge by writing the 'symphony of death', which kills anyone who plays it, and mailing it to his ex-employers.
I can't help but imagine him going further and further. Writing jingles with a hidden frequence or pitch in them which causes instant death? Ring tones? Pop songs? Imagine the damage this guy could do. I see him assuming a series of alternate identities and making his way through the music industry, leaving a wake of carefully concealed destruction behind him. A worthy addition to this evil, evil team.
As to visual changes, I gave him a bit more hair and I took away the skull tattoo on his forehead, and substituted it with a suggestive group of moles.