Monday, 6 January 2014

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #7

Welcome to 2014 I guess!
Remember that Doctor Who challenge I was doing last year? Well, after Doctor number 6 (Chris Addison) I'd thought that perhaps the Doctor would get zapped by some kind of regeneration destabliser or something and would regenerate into a woman. Not only that, I imagined that from this regeneration on until his/her 11th and penultimate regeneration, the doctor would continue regenerating as a woman.
So who did I imagine as the first ever female Doctor?
Why, my long-time crush and star of screen and stage, Miss Ellie Kendrick!
Her look is inspired by 1930s fashion, but I also attempted to evoke the 'classic' doctors, by adding some little personalised details: a fossil broach and a three-star belt (Orion's Belt), which would highlight this Doctor's passion for science, astronomy and history. I imagine this Doctor being perhaps the most brainy of all his/her incarnations, and continuously annoyed by anyone patronising her based on her gender and/or youthful appearance. Her companion would be a telepathic blue dragon-centipede from Future Earth, which she affectionately refers to as Cid.

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