Friday, 24 January 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: The Horned Hood!

We come now to the third member of the nefarious Death Battalion: Professor Cadiz, also known as The Horned Hood!
Masquerading as a famous scholar, the Professor held a talk on the precious 'Maharajah Jewel' from India: in fact, Cadiz was the terrifying Horned Hood, dressed as a devil and wielding a thorny club, out to steal the jewel!
HH's original costume is a little too 'Crazy Batman' for my liking, so I decided to push the devil theme to its full potential. Perhaps Cadiz has some kind of dark magical power and needs the Maharajah Jewel for its hidden mystical properties? Or maybe he is just a theatrical conjurer, who needs it as the final component in some new evil contraption or weapon. Either way, these new, more ornate duds should suit him much better.

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