Friday, 17 January 2014

Death Battalion Redesigned: The Black Thorn!

So I got a little tired with Doctor Who and have been too busy to continue work on my graphic novel, so I needed to draw SOMETHING. I went for a little random article search on PDSH and found this gem: The Death Battalion.
This was almost certainly one of the earliest supervillain teams and - similarly to the Sinister Six - they were all enemies of the same hero: a certain Mr. Scarlet, who defeated them.
Because the hero in this case is pretty unremarkable, I decided it was high time I redesigned some of the rogues for once. So, first up in my All New Rebooted Death Battalion... The Black Thorn!
I decided to really go all out with the thorn motif (his head is supposed to look a bit like a scorpion sting) as well as give him more of an armoured look. The instant dehydration 'Mummy Ray' gun is such a brilliantly kooky idea I had to upgrade it and include it in the redesign.

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