Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spider-man/Joker Amalgam: Anansi the Trickster!

So I was inspired by something fellow artist Alejandro Bruzzese wrote on the Book of Faces, to come up with a Marvel/DC amalgam character, mixing a hero and a villain, one from each publishing house. Namely: Marvel's Spider-man and DC's Joker.
This is what I came up with: Anansi the Trickster!
Young photo-journalist Joe Parker, along with his partner Ben, was trying to get the scoop on a meeting between New Gotham City's most infamous crime bosses at a radioactive waste plant, when they were caught and thrown into a vat of chemicals. Ben didn't survive the fall into sludge, but Joe emerged, hideously disfigured and driven insane by the loss of his good friend. Inspired by the myth of Anansi the Spider, he donned the name and - armed with an array of web-based traps and weapons - became a fearsome anti-hero, an agent of chaos, just as likely to take down the criminal underworld, as he is to take it over.

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