Friday, 6 December 2013

Green Goblin/Batman Amalgam: The Bat-Rider!

Here's the follow-up to my previous amalgam post, featuring an amalgamation of Marvel's Green Goblin and DC's Batman (respectively adversaries/foes of Spider-man and the Joker) known as... The Bat-Rider!
Norman B. Waynesborn lead a privileged life. Owner of the multi-billion dollar corporation Waynescorp and head of its R&D facilities, Norman had everything he ever wanted, and believed whole-heartedly that it was his right. Vain and self-centred, he was estranged from his wife and son, focusing only on his work. It was not until one fateful night, when he was experimenting with a military-grade performance enhancing drug in his lab, that Martha and Harry came to confront him: tired by his distant and cold behaviour towards them, they were going to leave. There was a glitch in the computers, a containment unit ruptured and Norman's experiment exploded in front of him. Doused by the experimental drug, he miraculously survived the collapse of his lab... his family did not.
Upon finding out that his lab had been sabotaged, Norman decided to put his new drug-enduced strength, agility and intelligence to use. He would find those responsible and bring them to justice. One night, while planning his revenge, a bat crashed through his study window. It was a sign.
Adapting his tech-flight glider technology and projectile weaponry into a bat-themed armoured suit, he found and captured those responsible for his family's death. Afterwards, he turned to crime-fighting: by day a kind and generous philanthropist, by night, a gliding guardian of the night... the Bat-rider! 

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