Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Captain America/Lex Luthor & Superman/Red Skull Amalgams!

Hey folks, here are some more amalgams I've been toying around with since the Batman/Spidey ones I did. This time, I went for Captain America mixed with Lex Luthor, vs. Superman mixed with Red Skull, resulting in two overtly nationalistic characters, which also explore the concept of the 'superman'/'supersoldier' when exaggerated and used as a propaganda tool. 

Citizen Lex!
American billionaire and genius inventor Lex Rogers had contributed to the US's effort in the war with Germany and Japan through his amazing inventions, but longed to be a part of the actual fighting. Due to his weak and wiry frame he was not allowed to sign up. He thus set about perfecting a super-growth serum, which granted him super-human strength, speed and agility. Donning a red. white and blue costume, as well as an array of gadgets including his energy shield, he sprang into action as Citizen Lex!

Die Ubermensch!
Joh An-El was saved from the destruction of his home planet Krypton by his parents, who sent him off in a space-craft, designed to home in on the nearest habitable world. Due to damage sustained during the planet's explosion, the craft's radiation shielding was damaged, and little Joh An-El was terribly scarred. The craft arrived on Earth and landed in Germany. The young alien child, along with the craft's remains were seized by the Nazi government, who soon realised the immense power he had under Earth's yellow sun. Molded by Hitler's propaganda, the alien grew up to become the terrifying √úbermensch, Defender of the Reich!


CyberKitten said...

Well, there's a whole movie franchise right there!

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks :) I'm really quite surprised (or maybe not) by how chilling both the amalgams ended up.