Monday, 2 December 2013

A History in Purple

Hello all, and happy Second Day of Whatever Month it is!
To celebrate this mundane occasion, here is another public domain redesign fan-art thing.
Today, I picked the Purple Claw.

From the image on the PDSH page, it looks like the claw is some kind of gauntlet or glove. Either way an artifact. Wouldn't it be interesting, I thought, if Dr. Weir decided to hand the claw down to his son, so that he could take up the mantle of Purple Claw and continue the legend? How would the change effect the look/outfit of PC? Without further ado, here is my imaginary History of the Purple Claw through the generations.

Purple Claw I

Here's the blurb:
I figured Jonathan would probably settle down and have kids in the late fifties, and as a result hang up the claw.

Purple Claw II

Michael Weir was born in 1957 and reached his 20s during the seventies. In 1978, his father revealed his former secret identity and passed the magical, super-strength-inducing claw on to him. More rebellious than his father had been, the new Purple Claw became something of a urban vigilante, known for his ruthless approach to all criminals, whatever the crime. Although he eventually softened up and even tried help the petty criminals he encountered out of their current misfortune, he remained distrustful of authority figures, right up until 1986, when he retired to marry and start a family of his own.

Purple Claw III

Jonni Weir was born in 1992 to Michael and Suzy, and didn't learn of her father and grandfather's alter ego until her 20th birthday. Jonni took to her new role with gusto, complementing the magic claw with gizmos and gadgets of her own design, to aid her in fighting crime in an increasingly technological world. Among her most notorious enemies is Prince Arachni, a descendant of the infamous Countess, Urbos, a cyber-terrorist and crime lord, and Hivemind, a nanorobotic abomination.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think :)


TK said...

I love this! I like that all three have very different flavors and are "of their time." I could easily see a Alan Moore-esque multi-generational story told with these characters!

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks TK :D