Saturday, 28 December 2013

Doctor Capaldi

So I saw the Christmas Doctor Who Special and I didn't really enjoy it that much, for the usual reasons. Briefly, I just feel that Doctor Who has such a wonderful premise and so much potential for being a thought-provoking and engaging piece of sci-fi-fantasy tv, and not just an effects-laden jumble of childish gimmics and nonsense.
That said, I thought Matt Smith did the best with the poor excuse for a script and I look forward to Capaldi's turn as the Time Lord. I was listening to Orbital's remix of the DW theme and thought of Capaldi's Doc wearing tie-dye. So here we are.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Captain America/Lex Luthor & Superman/Red Skull Amalgams!

Hey folks, here are some more amalgams I've been toying around with since the Batman/Spidey ones I did. This time, I went for Captain America mixed with Lex Luthor, vs. Superman mixed with Red Skull, resulting in two overtly nationalistic characters, which also explore the concept of the 'superman'/'supersoldier' when exaggerated and used as a propaganda tool. 

Citizen Lex!
American billionaire and genius inventor Lex Rogers had contributed to the US's effort in the war with Germany and Japan through his amazing inventions, but longed to be a part of the actual fighting. Due to his weak and wiry frame he was not allowed to sign up. He thus set about perfecting a super-growth serum, which granted him super-human strength, speed and agility. Donning a red. white and blue costume, as well as an array of gadgets including his energy shield, he sprang into action as Citizen Lex!

Die Ubermensch!
Joh An-El was saved from the destruction of his home planet Krypton by his parents, who sent him off in a space-craft, designed to home in on the nearest habitable world. Due to damage sustained during the planet's explosion, the craft's radiation shielding was damaged, and little Joh An-El was terribly scarred. The craft arrived on Earth and landed in Germany. The young alien child, along with the craft's remains were seized by the Nazi government, who soon realised the immense power he had under Earth's yellow sun. Molded by Hitler's propaganda, the alien grew up to become the terrifying √úbermensch, Defender of the Reich!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Merry Deathmas, Oh Grand Wazoo

2 days 
and 20 years ago,
Mr. Zappa was transported 
into a perpendicular (and perhaps parrallel)
 existential plane. In his honour, I present this weird thing. 

Click on it for instant mind-warp.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Green Goblin/Batman Amalgam: The Bat-Rider!

Here's the follow-up to my previous amalgam post, featuring an amalgamation of Marvel's Green Goblin and DC's Batman (respectively adversaries/foes of Spider-man and the Joker) known as... The Bat-Rider!
Norman B. Waynesborn lead a privileged life. Owner of the multi-billion dollar corporation Waynescorp and head of its R&D facilities, Norman had everything he ever wanted, and believed whole-heartedly that it was his right. Vain and self-centred, he was estranged from his wife and son, focusing only on his work. It was not until one fateful night, when he was experimenting with a military-grade performance enhancing drug in his lab, that Martha and Harry came to confront him: tired by his distant and cold behaviour towards them, they were going to leave. There was a glitch in the computers, a containment unit ruptured and Norman's experiment exploded in front of him. Doused by the experimental drug, he miraculously survived the collapse of his lab... his family did not.
Upon finding out that his lab had been sabotaged, Norman decided to put his new drug-enduced strength, agility and intelligence to use. He would find those responsible and bring them to justice. One night, while planning his revenge, a bat crashed through his study window. It was a sign.
Adapting his tech-flight glider technology and projectile weaponry into a bat-themed armoured suit, he found and captured those responsible for his family's death. Afterwards, he turned to crime-fighting: by day a kind and generous philanthropist, by night, a gliding guardian of the night... the Bat-rider! 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spider-man/Joker Amalgam: Anansi the Trickster!

So I was inspired by something fellow artist Alejandro Bruzzese wrote on the Book of Faces, to come up with a Marvel/DC amalgam character, mixing a hero and a villain, one from each publishing house. Namely: Marvel's Spider-man and DC's Joker.
This is what I came up with: Anansi the Trickster!
Young photo-journalist Joe Parker, along with his partner Ben, was trying to get the scoop on a meeting between New Gotham City's most infamous crime bosses at a radioactive waste plant, when they were caught and thrown into a vat of chemicals. Ben didn't survive the fall into sludge, but Joe emerged, hideously disfigured and driven insane by the loss of his good friend. Inspired by the myth of Anansi the Spider, he donned the name and - armed with an array of web-based traps and weapons - became a fearsome anti-hero, an agent of chaos, just as likely to take down the criminal underworld, as he is to take it over.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Professor Who?

Was feeling nostalgic, so I decided to draw a caricature of one of University philosophy professors as his favourite Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

Monday, 2 December 2013

A History in Purple

Hello all, and happy Second Day of Whatever Month it is!
To celebrate this mundane occasion, here is another public domain redesign fan-art thing.
Today, I picked the Purple Claw.

From the image on the PDSH page, it looks like the claw is some kind of gauntlet or glove. Either way an artifact. Wouldn't it be interesting, I thought, if Dr. Weir decided to hand the claw down to his son, so that he could take up the mantle of Purple Claw and continue the legend? How would the change effect the look/outfit of PC? Without further ado, here is my imaginary History of the Purple Claw through the generations.