Friday, 22 November 2013

Pokèfriends: The Continuation Continues!

Flareye is a powerful and sometimes grumpy fire pokèmon with a highly effecting weapon: its firey glare! So powerful is this attack that for a long time it is too scared to even open its eyes and requires constant vigilance on behalf of its trainer. However, with enough hard work and perseverance, it evolves into the devastating Glareye. Beneath this pokèmon's tough exterior lies a friendly and caring heart (but don't tell anyone!) Its attacks include Fireblast, Shut Up and LAAASEREYEZ.

Hopkin starts out as the small and seemingly harmless Plopkin. Although entirely made of and covered in the softest, wool-like material known to man/pokèmon-kind, this pokèmon can pack a devastating punch. It is fiercely loyal and just as keen to play as it is to fight. Its attacks include Pound, Doubleslap and Hug.

Mugrea is a fairy-type pokèmon, supposedly the product of centuries-old magic and an equally ancient blend of herbal tea. Some say that whenever Mugrea's cup-shaped head is empty, it is a sign of oncoming bad weather or illness. If anyone drinks the tea in Mugrea's head, it is said they will be subject to strange and/or prophetic visions. Mugrea's attacks include Spoon-club, Dunk and Blend. 

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