Saturday, 2 November 2013

Poké-portraits: The Return.

I got inspired and decided to do some poké-portraits for some friends.
Here are Statystix, Kettlecrab, Spiraweed, Dadling and Malokkio.

This is the electric pokémon known as Statystix. This creature tends to live inside calculators and computers, making insanely long calculations and mathematical predictions about all sorts of things. It's very curious and helpful to strangers who have very specific questions to ask. It continuously makes notes about which attacks to use in a fight based on probability and variable... um, variables. Its moves include thunderwave and thundersmile and thundernod.

Next, the water/metal pokémon knowns as Kettlecrab. It is said that this rare aquatic-mechanical hybrid is powered by steam and throughout its life it evolves into completely different marine creatures. It is deceptively wise, it enjoys exploring the ocean floor and making smoke circles from its chimney. Its moves include dude no, hammer-time and bubblebeam.

Lastly, we have the grass-type pokémon Spiraweed. This creature starts life as a fairly unremarkable but friendly monster, until it bonds with an alien parasitic plant from beyond the stars (becoming Cosmoss). The growth spreads across its body, expanding its mind and gifting it with psychic powers. Eventually Cosmoss evolves into the galactically open-minded Spiraweed, whose moves include vine-whip, stone-powder and whoah dude it's full of stars.

This elusive pokémon (Dadling) starts out as a little Pupling, who while loving and adorable, needs constant care and protection. These he receives from his older, evolved counterpart, Dadling. Essentially every Pupling grows up to take care of the next generation as a Dadling. The latter pokèmon’s moves include megahug, bedtime story and please go to sleep.

Nobody knows what this mysterious and moody ghost-type creature (Malokkio) hides beneath its cloak, but it is certainly something nasty. It is said that staring for too long into Malok/Malokkio’s eery glowing eyes can drive one insane. Its moves include Glare, Flash, and Oh God My Eyes.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like a poké-portrait, let me know in the comments!


CyberKitten said...

Ha! I really liked COSMOSS.

BTW - Over November & December my usual art postings on Monday & Friday will be on the theme of Heroes & Villains - starting with Superman Friday just gone. I'm sure you'll like some of them.....

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks CK! I'll be sure to check them out :)