Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Pokèfriends for a Rainy Wednesday Afternoon...

Pseyeflo! An incredibly powerful psychic pokèmon, Pseyeflow can hypnotise any opponent with one look from any one of its four glowing eyes. It is also troubled by strange dreams and headaches, during which the very laws of physics seem to come apart around it. Its attacks include Hypnotise, Dream-eater and Mimic.

Katberry! This pokèmon starts out as the small and fluffy Kittenberry, has few attack moves and mostly relies on sheer adorableness to avoid danger. Through lots of care and affection, it evolves first into Katberry and finally into the proud and powerful Lionberry! Its licks heal any wound or illness, due to its saliva actually being a delicious, magical fruity juice! Although cute, the leaves that gradually grow on its body and form Lionberry's mane can be deadly sharp, and it will not hesitate to use them if one of its loved ones is threatened. Its attacks include Mew, Defensive Curl and Razor Leaf.


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