Sunday, 3 November 2013

More Poké-portraits!

Here's another three friends as pokémon: 

First up is Conicool. This ice-type pokémon is notable for doing his upmost to keep his cool in any situation. Throughout his evolution cycle he develops new and better ways of refrigerating himself. It enjoys relaxing and is a tremendous hit at parties. Its moves include Ice-Beam, Sun-Cursing and Oh No That's Not On. 

Next is Tailbow. This musically-minded pokémon has highly sensitive ears and whiskers which give it an advantage in any fight, but also allow it to play sweet music. Rubbing its tail against its taut whiskers, it produces a melodic and hypnotising sound that sends most enemy pokémon to sleep! Its moves include Sing, Tail Whip and Ravelution. 

Finally, Velvetail. A sultry feline pokémon, which has been known to seduce enemy pokémon into surrender with one look. Its tail is the softest thing in the known universe, but also highly durable: Velvetail wraps it around itself not just for aesthetic purposes but also as an effective shield against attacks. Its moves include Purr, Harlem Shake and Oh No You Di'nt.



CyberKitten said...

The "Oh No You Di'nt" move from Velvetail made me laugh out loud!


Thomas Fummo said...

Maria, the lady I drew velvetail for, says it all the time :D