Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Terrors and Tykes

Well, the results for Project Rooftop's Storm redesign competition are in and, unfortunately, I did not even make it to runner-up or honorable mention. In any other case I might be non-plussed, but I feel a tad more disappointed than usual, seeing as I put a lot of thought into my design.
Ho-hum, I suppose. Not to the judges taste, c'est la vie, et cetera.
[EDIT: turns out I did make it to the honorable mentions :D]

Getting on with life, here is my entry to the far more Fummo-friendly Fan-art Friday, which this time is dedicated to the PDSH, The Black Terror.
My take is a modern-day reiteration of BT, complete with hoodie and updated skull symbol (Bt).

And as a bonus treat, a wee fantasy character, sort of like a fruit-bat halfling, with torch and scarf.
I'm looking forward to imagining playing the Fighting Fantasy book, 'Deathtrap Dungeon' as this little guy. Who would have the heart to slay such a handsome little fellow? 

Thanks for reading!

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