Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Well, after about a month and a quarter's work (by myself and with a LOT of help from mother, who has also successfully taught me how to sew :D) they're finally done. The first two in a series of puppet/marionettes I'll be designing and making for a super fun future project. (Click on the images below to embiggen)

The larger, leaf-covered and winged lass is a pixie (and mostly mum's work, with mostly design input from me) and the rather smaller, skew-eyed bearded gentlemen is a wizard (about 50/50. I made the hat, satchel, beard, hair, boots and legs).
Technically they're not completely finished as there are still some minor aesthetic touches I want to add. But I'm just too proud not to post them here :) Let me know what you think! TF

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