Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dr. Magno VS Iron Skull

To celebrate my birthday here's another PDSH redesign/fan-art piece.
These two characters are really interesting. They both hail from an alternate time-line where WWII lasted well into the fifties. Both fought in said war and both suffered great injuries. Dr. Magno lost both his hands and had them replaced with steel prosthesis, which had strange magnetic properties. 
The Iron Skull's whole body was severely damaged, leading to a complex reconstruction job, which turned him into a bullet-proof, super-strong, telepathic cyborg... with no nose. Hence, his skull-like appearance and moniker.
Both men turned down different paths during the reconstruction period that followed the world war. The former turned to crime, and the latter turned to its prevention. The two men soon met and became arch-nemeses. Find out more here and here

In this piece (click to embiggen) I made the not-so-good's doctor's steel hand visible to differentiate him from a certain other magnetic mastermind, and I gave Skull a shiny detachable metal nose. Maybe he hides some kind of special gadget in there, but it's mostly to help his self-confidence. 
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