Saturday, 27 July 2013

Project: Rooftop Storm Redesign

Project Rooftop have officially revealed their next contest subject: Ororo Munroe, a.k.a Storm!
Once again I put my thinking cap on and tried to imagine how Storm would dress in my own crazy imaginary alternate comic book universe. 
I remembered that Storm was part of the second generation team of X-men, along with Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus et al. My redesigned First Class X-men wore a selection of dark blue jumpsuits with stylised white 'X' motifs, each one reflecting the character's individual power. 
If Storm is next generation, then her outfit should look like a stylistic continuation of that look, but with even more personalisation. 
First, I wanted her hairstyle to be a mix between her two most famous looks: the mohawk and the big eighties mane. From that everything else followed. The hairstyle is asymmetrical, so I thought I'd complement that in the suit, reflecting the two sides of her character (goddess and down to earth team leader).
I turned the X into a lightning bolt and tried to make it a wrap-around symbol (see additional sketches on the right), which goes down the front of her right leg, and the back of her left.
The poofy, see-through sleeves are meant to evoke clouds, with the lightning bolt shooting down from them. The ear-rings can either be little tornados or more lightning bolts, it's up for debate :)
So that's my redesign, I'm hoping it at least gets a runner-up/honorable mention position.
Thanks for reading! TF

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Art by Randy said...

She feels very 80s! Between the hairdo, the platform shoes, the jumpsuit, the gloves and the poofy sleeves, she looks like she could have come straight from a hair band music video.

That said, I think she's missing something else to break up the space in her jumpsuit. there's a lot going on up in her torso but I lose interest as soon as I get to her waist.