Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Not-So-Fan Fan-Art: Daredevil!

It turns out that I genuinely feel more inspired when doing fan-art for a character I've never been a fan of. Project: Rooftop's latest FF subject is the Man without Fear himself, Daredevil.
There are many reasons why I have never cared for Matt Murdock.
He's a lawyer. He's religious. His costume (all red jumpsuit with two giant 'D's on his chest and little cartoon bump-on-the-head style horns on his head) looks ridiculous/boring. The blind-but-with-super-senses angle always intrigued me, but the other stuff always kept me from being all that interested in him.
So, here is my 'sort of fan-art'/redesign of DD. The popped collar and various textures are meant to remind one of traditional stuntman/biker garb. I added the original costume's yellow just to break up all that red, and I added some features to the helmet/mask to make it look properly devilish.
Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! TF


Bobby said...

DD is one of my fav characters (mainly for the first two reasons you listed as being reasons for hating him lol think they make him stand out more from standard super-hero fare). That said this redesign is very cool. While I can't see Matt wearing this himself it certainly works as an interesting and consitent re-design and I like the aesthetics of it

Nelson Hernandez said...

Very very cool. Its always something special when your first reaction is "whoa!"