Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mr. Terrific Redesign

Here's the last member of my re-imagined, redesigned Justice League line-up: Michael Holt, alias Mr. Terrific! 
I really played off the name with this redesign, wanting to have him look dashing, intelligent and debonair. The suit hopefully looks like a mix between a more old-fashioned jacket/waistcoat combo and more futuristic garb, blending college professor with tech wizard. I took away the mask as I imagined Michael being a little like Mr. Fantastic from the F4, with his identity out in the open. An inventor, a teacher, a hero, a promulgator of critical thinking and scientific knowledge, he's a bit of a celebrity, but he uses his image and wealth to fund schools and educational programmes. 
And that's all :) Stay tuned for a group shot of the full team!
Thanks for reading. TF

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