Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Holy Brightly-Coloured Decoy, Batman!

Here's a redesign/sketch/thing I did of the latest Robin, Damian Wayne, for Project: Rooftop.
I know very little about this character aside from the fact that he is Bruce's son, Ra's al Ghul's grandson, a ninja, a bit of spoiled brat and - very recently - dead.
As somebody who has fallen very much out of love with the whole Batman mythos, I can't help but dislike the concept of the boy sidekick. I think the only Robins I ever really liked were Dick (but as Nightwing) and Tim Drake (but as Red Robin). The idea of making Robin even more crazy and violent than Batman (Jason Todd/Red Hood) just seemed awful to me, so Damian being not only more ruthless but also rude and up his own arse, pretty much guaranteed I'd never read any story featuring him.
With this offering, I just tried to make all those characteristics come to the surface: essentially, what would a young and emotionally volatile Bruce Wayne look like in the altogether ridiculous red-yellow-green Robin suit?
So yeah, this isn't really 'fan'-art, but hey, what the hell.

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