Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Back from Winchester, 33rd Writers' Conference

Hello all!
I've recently just got back from the 33rd Annual Writers' Conference at Winchester University.
It was a totally wonderful experience: I met some fantastic people (aspiring authors like myself as well as professional writers, editors, agents, etc.) and went to some really interesting workshops and talks.

Amongst other things, I've got some new notions on how to improve my characterisations and plotting (thanks to Beverley Birch, Margaret Graham, Steve Lockley and Sarah Mussi) as well as some 'plot metaphors' (some corks and a ribbon) from Adrienne Dines.
I was also but a few feet away from Downton Abbey writer, Julian Fellows, who really is a witty chap.
Overall, however, I think the best thing was meeting my fellow delegates and aspiring authors. Sitting together at lunch and chatting about our various stories was incredibly enjoyable and refreshing, like navigating in a sea of imagination, visiting a series of vaporous islands, before setting off for another talk. If you're reading this, it was great meeting and spending time with you Andrew, Dorothy, Dinah, Vashti, Lee Hong and Raonaid! I hope to see you all again next year, if not earlier.

To my regular readers, I'll be back to my usual drawings soon enough (we're decorating in casa Fummo, so everything is a bit up in the air). Stay tuned, though!

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