Tuesday, 18 June 2013

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #6

So, the great space-faring hero, Doctor number 5 (Ben Miller) has burned and swashbuckled his way across most of the universe, toppling tyrants, fighting villains and rescuing damsels in distress... in general just going way overboard on a machismo trip. One such damsel not-so-much-in-distress is Princess Pythelia Crythoria III, a naturally phosphorescent alien and heir to the throne of one of the most powerful galactic empires in the cosmos. Princess 'Py', as the Doctor calls her, immediately falls head over heels in love with the dashing adventurer and organises, much to the doc's surprise, a royal wedding. Suddenly, the Doctor finds himself in a very sensitive diplomatic situation. The Crythorian Empire has plenty of enemies, and there are many who would like it done away with once and for all... meaning that any crownheads are in very real danger of being assassinated! This is another reason why Py wants to marry her hero: who would dare kill her with the Great Doctor as her husband and protector? The wedding day arrives and the Doctor is getting cold feet. Suddenly unable to think of a way to escape, he finds himself at the altar before Py and...
... he is shot. Indeed, the target for assassination had changed... why kill the princess when you can kill the future Emperor? The guests scatter and the temple bursts into confusion as soldiers and assassins start battling all around them. Py holds her betrothed and dying Doctor in her arms. There is a flash of golden light... and where her Doctor once lay, there is now Doctor number 6: Chris Addison!
Much to Py's dismay, this new Doctor isn't so much dashing and heroic and more scruffy and distracted. The most inventive and brilliant incarnation so far, 6 can't stop working or tinkering in the Tardis, fascinated by any piece of alien technology that passes his way. Thus he doesn't bother with a proper outfit, and tends to wander around in well-worn overalls or working jumpsuits. He never travels without a full bag or belt of tools and rarely scrubs up. Sometimes absent-minded, sometimes bitingly witty, Doctor number 6 is not what Princess Py wanted in a partner. Disgusted by all forms of manual labour, she can't stand the new technician-Doctor and the two often bicker.
Either way, there's still a load of people who want her dead, and he's still the best man to protect her.

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