Tuesday, 11 June 2013

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #3

So, after our second Doctor (portrayed by Ben Willbond) gets into a pretty hairy confrontation with some intergalactic space-pirates, he gets fatally injured and needs to regenerate. However, unbeknownst to him, the bullets the pirates wounded him with contained a paralysing poison, the effects of which, due to the last-minute regeneration, only affect the Time Lord's memory.
The Tardis transports him to Earth where it lands in small coastal suburb. He emerges from the blue phone-box as Hugh Dennis (of My Hero, Outnumbered and The Now Show fame), and very much bewildered. He roams the sleepy town in his tattered clothing until he bumps into Kathy, a young volunteer at a local care home.
My third Doctor's run would mostly take place on Earth, with the doctor having been taken in by Kathy, who tries to piece together who the mysterious man is. He beguiles her with extraordinary tales of time travel, adventure and other planets... before suddenly forgetting all about them. She initially dismisses his tales as dreams or symptoms of some deep mental trauma... that is until the space pirates arrive on Earth looking for the Doctor, having learned that he is still alive! It is now up to Kathy to save the Doctor - who has settled in nicely to a very laid back life in the care home - from almost certain death. I believe Dennis could play this version of the Doctor with the adequate blend of humour and poignancy, as he flits between a troubled everyman persona and imaginativee, Baron Munchausen-style story-teller.


Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

Hugh Dennis would work really well. Like you said he has that everyman down which means he can do great, realistic portrayals of the everyday and mundane (funny in themselves)as well as having that certain special comic timing that makes him the one regular panelist on Mock the Week. A memory free Doctor is always a fun concept and dragging that through a series could be interesting. Also I have to say you are knocking these out a ridiculous rate. I cannot draw anywhere near this fast. Or well.

I also like that your taking this in your own direction. My idea was for 12 replacements for Matt but your making your own mythology and having 12 Doctors of your own regenerating into the next one it seems. Bold. Interesting. Adjective.

Thomas Fummo said...

Yeah, That's why I might do a bonus 13th doctor at the end. Hopefully, it's not what anyone would expect :) Thanks for the regular comments by the way! You're the lone voice in a sea of mute tumbleweeds (as opposed to the more vocal ones).

Bobby said...

Well I figured I gave you the evil challenge, the most I can do is witness the results. And in general I adore your art style so its no problem to visit and it always gives me something to say.

As for this 13th Doctor is that different to your other 13th Doctor then? Intriguing. Though I must say that 13th Doc's Dalek companion is genius and I'd LOVE to see that concept in the actual show. Well all of these actually but that's a winner

Thomas Fummo said...

I am quite proud of that idea :) I just feel it would really hammer home how alien and distant the Doctor is, biologically. The idea of him aging backwards seems to have been a fairly involuntary thing on the show, as Moffat hasn't said it was intentional. They just cast younger and younger actors. I think that working off that and have the last doctor be a child would be really interesting and brave. I mean, if you watch the first doctor, he acts like a stroppy teenager, but looks old and wise. It would be great to explore the reverse at the end. Anyway, thanks and I might just redraw my 13th doctor for my new mythology, with a few subtle tweaks :)